Network Patch Cable Category 5 Enhanced molded patch cable assembly. Unshielded twisted pair with RJ-45 gold plated 50 micron connectors. Stranded round conductors, snagless molding connector tab. UL listed, 350 Mhz rated.
    Premise Cable STP-Category 5 Enhanced- 350Mhz – Solid Conductor Bulk Cable

UTP - Category 5 Enhanced – 350 Mhz - Solid Conductor Bulk Cable

UTP-Plenum - CMP Rated - Category 5 Enhanced - 350 Mhz - Solid Conductor Bulk Cable

    SCSI Cable for all your SCSI connections: 1,2,3,and 5/

Fully molded and with multiple shielding. PVC jackets and UL listed

    Video - Audio UXGA / SVGA / VGA with Audio – Cable Assembly
    Cables Display Breakout Cables - VGA, SVGA, XGA
    Plenum Rated Video Very High Resolution SVGA, VGA, XGA
Plenum Rated: CMP
    Splitter/Distribution Amplifiers VGA Video Splitter/Distribution Amplifier
    Quick Connect Video Wall MountTM Thin profile, flush mount SVGA/XGA HD15F jack
    Digital Video Interface Cable Video interface for the latest technology DVI Standard
    Fiber Optic Cables
Gigabit Ethernet fiber optic patch cables with high quality ceramic ferrules. Tested and ready to install. Single and multimode fiber.
Coming soon!

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